• Exporting

  • Our Chamber certifies documents for international trade verifying that goods in our members’ export shipments were produced or processed in a particular country. Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists and Certificates of Free Sale are among the documents we process on a regular basis. Most export documents can be processed completely online via eCertify.


    Exporters and freight forwarders now have a seamless and streamlined electronic solution for export document processing.

    We’ve adopted eCert technology to efficiently process certificates of origin, commercial invoices and packing lists by eliminating paper processing and courier costs and improving turnaround time.

    Chamber members in Small Business Membership tier or higher investment tiers process certificates of origin for $25/certificate.

    Non-members and Micro Enterprise Members for $75/certificate.

    Need a Certificate of Free Sale? Click here for a "how to" guide.

    Learn More About Using eCertify

    • View our presentation on using eCertify to electronically process export documents including certificates of origin, invoice, packing slips, and certificates of free sale

  • Contact Justin Simmons, chief of staff, at jsimmons@carolinachamber.org or (919) 357-9982 with questions.