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      frolyk: making the world a closer place through shared experience. Currently in development, frolyk will be a dynamic online community that brings together people who are interested in unique, personalized experiences and hosts who have the knowledge and passion to offer these experiences. Hosts draw on their hobbies, jobbies, passions or jobs themselves to create fun, engaging experiences.

      For example: a scientist whose hobby is wood fired pizza making invites guests to share an evening of wood-fired pizza making under the stars. A park ranger shows guests hidden waterfalls and other magical spots along the Eno River. An established business woman who is also an expert Chinese dumpling maker teaches guests the secrets of making the perfect Chinese Dumpling!

      What will you share? With so many options, you are limited only by your imagination!

      We are looking for hosts! Have a hobby, jobby, passion, or career job to share? Give us a call at 919 923 2844 or email lili@frolyk.com. We'd love to hear from you!