• Big Bold Ideas

  • What: Big Bold Ideas is a meaningful and ambitious, community-wide civic improvement initiative, through which several goals are collectively identified and advanced with the aim of making the region a better place to live, work, and launch and grow a business. Done well, Big Bold Ideas becomes a strategic plan for the region.

    Next Steps: We believe, with strong, steady, and inspiring facilitation, our community is ready and willing to collaborate on Big Bold Ideas and, pending financial partnerships, the Chamber is well-positioned to support this venture. 

    Proposed Timeline:

    • 1Q19: Proposed concept at The Chamber's Annual Meeting on February 1, 2019 and built momentum.  
    • 2Q19: Recruited Steering Committee and Funding Partners. 
    • 3Q19: Convene Steering Committee, launch web portal, actively solicit community ideas, and distill ideas into clusters; incorporate an all-day conference into the State of the Community Report on September 19, 2019 for a community-wide discussion of ideas in clusters and distillation towards three, four, or five Big Bold Ideas. 
    • 4Q19: Socialize finalist ideas, build business case for each big idea (the “Why” and “Future,” and identify “Co-champions” (example). 
    • 1Q20 and beyond: Unveil the Big Bold Ideas at The Chamber's 2020 Annual Meeting in January 2020 and track progress, issue reports, and generate new big ideas as we achieve original ideas. 

    Background: The inspiration for this initiative is from the "Big 5 Initiatives" in Kansas City, where the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce led and continues to lead a similar process for their region. Their inaugural five big ideas were: 

    1. Make Kansas City America’s most entrepreneurial city
    2. Create a regional translational medical research institute
    3. Build on the existing “animal health corridor” by holding a world symposium on animal health
    4. Move UMKC’s Conservatory of Music and Dance from the main campus to downtown Kansas City
    5. Pinpoint an urban core redevelopment project in Kansas City to improve housing, employment, and crime statistics

    Contact: For questions, contact Chamber Vice President for External Affairs, Katie Loovis, at (919) 696-0781 (cell).