• Hurricane Florence: Top Three Preparedness Tips Right Now (Part I)

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    Chamber Members, 
    As our community prepares for Hurricane Florence, your Chamber is staying on top of the latest information, assembling resources for your business, and will be posting-up at the emergency operations center.
    At this point, AccuWeather is calling it a Dangerous Category 4 Hurricane with the likelihood to stall and pound the Carolinas for days. The President and Governor have declared a state of emergency, Orange County is in full preparedness mode, UNC-Chapel Hill campus was closed effective 5pm yesterday and students were encouraged to get out of town, and more than a million people have been ordered to evacuate the coastline and are heading inland. 
    Here’s what you can expect in Central North Carolina according to the National Weather Service’s briefing 5:30pm yesterday: extreme threat of flash flooding, extreme river flooding, extreme power outages, significant wind, and elevated tornado risk. 
    As you consider your safety and that of your employees, as well as your business continuity, here are some immediate resources:

    These are the information sources we find most helpful for tracking the hurricane:  #2: GET PREPARED
    We think these are the most relevant resources to get your business prepared right now:  #3: STAY CONNECTED
    Keep these numbers handy - Our community will need your business re-opened as soon as possible post-hurricane, and your Chamber is standing by to connect you with the information and resources you need throughout preparation and recovery:  
    Scroll down for additional helpful links.

    Be safe, be smart, let’s work together to get through this and back in action. 
    Aaron Nelson
    President & CEO
    Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce

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