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    What does it mean and what does it take to make registers ring in downtown?

    For one, it must be easy for shoppers to get to and around downtown, and that means smooth and seamless infrastructure, and that takes time and money.

    Good news/bad news: The money is invested and the time is now.

    Millions of state and local dollars have been invested for infrastructure improvements this summer throughout Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

    We have roughly twenty projects underway, including the resurfacing of several roads and main thorough-fares (think East Franklin Street in Chapel Hill and South Greensboro Street in Carrboro). Gulp.

    While there is never an ideal time in Chapel Hill and Carrboro for detours and road or lane closures, summer proves to be the least disruptive time for delivering overall infrastructure improvements. …but the process is still painful for local businesses.
    The Chamber is working with business owners to get the word out to shoppers that while some roads might be closed, Chapel Hill and Carrboro are open for business.

    Together with the Carrboro Business Alliance, we launched an advertising campaign, including a radio spot on WCHL, website banner ads, and email blasts letting shoppers and visitors know that getting to downtown is easy. Listen to the radio ad.

    (Photo Caption: Bridget Pemberton-Smith, co-owner of Cameron’s in Carrboro and chair of the Carrboro Business Alliance in the WCHL studio with producer AJ recording the radio ad which is airing throughout the summer.)

    How’s it going for your business? Are you feeling an impact from the construction? Let me know what more the Chamber can do to help your business and our community through this long summer slog. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and make sure you are informed on what projects are on-deck so you are not caught off-guard. Working together, we’ll find our road forward. Sincerely, 


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