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    Decisions made at the local level can affect your business operations and overall success.

    But keeping up with all the dates and times when elected and appointed officials meet to take decisions can be daunting - there's the Chapel Hill Town Council and Carrboro Board of Aldermen weekly meetings, a variety of relevant local boards and commissions, the County Commissioner meetings, and also school board meetings for both the townships and the county. 

    To make your life easier and summarize who's meeting where and when, what's on the agenda, and the business community's positions, your Chamber provides a simple, weekly summary.  Think of it as your cheat sheet for navigating the local legislative lay of the land.

    I encourage you to tune into "Our Voice" at the start of each week to get your quick synopsis. And in the meantime, here's the shortlist of the meetings I monitor with a direct link to the calendars:  Let me know if there are other meetings you'd like for me to track on behalf of your business and our region.

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