• About "Save Money"

  • Our Chamber is committed to help members "save money" and lower the cost of doing business. To deliver on this commitment, the Chamber offers ten ways to save. Most remarkable are the signature money saving initiatives the Chamber has developed by leveraging the collective buying power of our network. Scroll down to learn more. 

    1) Save money on energy bills: Get a free energy audit through our partnership for a Small Business Energy Initiative, which will help you identify your energy hogs, use less energy in your operations, and lower your energy bill. 

    2) Save money on health and dental: Provide affordable health care to your employees through our Small Business Health Service partnership with Piedmont Health. This is not health insurance, but rather access to affordable primary health care, health services, dental services, and medication, including access to primary care physicians for $60 per visit and prescription medications filled on-site starting at $4.

    3) Save money on workers comp: Secure competitive, stable workers' compensation coverage through our partnership with First Benefits Insurance

    4) Save money on credit card processing: Lower the fee your business absorbs every time a sale is made and a credit card is swiped through our partnership with Infintech credit card processing.  

    5) Save money on technology purchases: Save big on the entire Lenovo product line, including award-winning ThinkPad notebooks, tablets, desktops, workstations, servers, and accessories.

    6) Save money on office supply purchases: Save big on office supplies and printing services through our partnership with Office Depot

    7) Lower the cost of employee retirement plans: This 401(k) solution allows employers to offer a retirement plan, while reducing administrative burden, transferring fiduciary risks, and reducing costs. Connect with the Carolina Chamber Retirement Solution backed by TAG Resources and Carolina Capital Solutions.

    8) Lower the cost of global exporting:  Certify that your goods for international export were produced or processed in North Carolina (Certificate of Origin) and/or receive your Commercial Invoice, Packing List, and/or Certificate of Free Sale through prompt online and/or in-person Chamber exporting service

    9) Access discounted conference room rentals: Reserve the Chamber's large meeting room -  the Louise Beck Properties Conference Room - at just $25 / hour or $150 / full day. 

    10) Access more deals and discounts: Visit the Chamber Member-to-Member Benefits Directory, which features dozens of exclusive deals and discounts. 

    Questions: For questions about money-saving offers and initiatives, contact Chamber Chief of Staff and Vice President, Justin Simmons, at (919) 357-9982.