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Your Vision

At the Summer Careers Academy, we understand that you need skilled workers who are safe, reliable, and interested in learning and growing with your company.

Your Challenge

The challenge is that recruiting, training, and retaining top talent in the construction industry is fierce. Interest is low, turnover is high, and skilled workers are rare.

Your Way Forward

We understand your frustration. We experienced it ourselves and know how difficult it is to build a talented team and successful business. But this challenge is too big for any one company to tackle alone. Our industry needs to work together to build a robust talent pipeline. That’s why we are offering the Summer Careers Academy: an employer-led, registered youth apprenticeship program (pre-apprenticeship) that has delivered results for our industry in other regions and will help us here in the Triangle, too.

Your Next Steps

Your next steps are simple.

  1. STEP 1: Contact the Summer Careers Academy Project Coordinator, Heather Kasey at (919) 357-2878 (cell) to discuss your needs and the program requirements.
  2. STEP 2: Register as an official employer in the Summer Careers Academy "Building Our Future" 2023 program (2022 program application period is now closed). Doing so gives you access to OSHA-10 certified, summer workers (aged 16-24, part-time, seven weeks, $12/hour; employer scholarships available), who are simultaneously earning construction certificates through in-classroom training at our expense.
  3. STEP 3: Enjoy the benefits of developing your future workforce at low cost through partnership with the Summer Careers Academy. Upon completion, offer your summer worker full-time employment or an apprenticeship so they can continue to working for you as they earn more credentials.

Your Success

Stop feeling frustrated about your workforce. Instead, join other respected employers to recruit, train, and retain top talent and let's build our industry's talent pipeline for the future, together.