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Your Vision

At the Summer Careers Academy, we know you want an exciting and high paying career, where you’re respected and have the freedom and independence to build a dream life for yourself and your family. In order to do that, you need money, a clear path, and support along the way.

Your Challenge

Pressures at home, in school, and from friends can be complicated and challenging. That can make you feel trapped and anxious.

Your Way Forward

We understand that feeling of being stuck. We experienced it ourselves and know what it means to overcome barriers. We believe no young adult should have to face these challenges alone. That’s why we are offering the Summer Careers Academy – a Registered Youth Apprenticeship Program that has helped others and can help you, too.

Your Next Steps

Interested in the Program? Here's what to expect...

  1. Complete the INTEREST FORM so we know you want to get more info about the program.
  2. Prepare for a follow-up contact from the Career Development Facilitator or SCA program rep at your school, who will schedule a time for you to complete the official SCA application and intake form. This does not guarantee acceptance into the program. 
  3. After we have collected all of your information, you will be notified if you are qualified to participate in the program.
  4. If qualified, you will be invited to match day, which is an event held at Durham Tech to facilitate a meet and greet for potential students and employers.
    During Match Day, applicants will essentially participate in a "speed interview" process to determine the best fit for both students and employers.

Your Success

Complete the Student Interest Form now and know that you, too, can have the debt-free life of your dreams. Stop feeling anxious about your future or stuck in an underpaid, dead-end job. Instead, earn good money this summer as you gain new skills and explore a high paying career. Contact Summer Careers Academy project coordinator, Heather Kasey, with any questions at 919-357-2878 (m).