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1. No net loss of publicly available parking in downtown Carrboro.

2. A Carrboro-appropriate public behavior related ordinance.

3. More business representation on town boards and commissions.

4. A town “buy local” preference in contracting and purchasing.

5. No property tax increase.

our values

The Carrboro Business Alliance believes: 

A successful economy is essential for a sustainable community.

Carrboro benefits from the success of neighboring towns and the region.

Diversity builds a more resilient economy and we oppose discrimination in all forms.

The progressive reputation of our community is an asset and part of our competitive advantage.

Cooperation and collaboration between and among businesses, nonprofit organizations, government, academia, and residents is civics at its best and enhances our overall quality of life.

These values anchor the CBA policy platform and priorities.

Our Platform

I. Retain, Recruit, and Grow Employers

  • We support policies and projects that create local jobs and contribute to improved quality of life.
  • We support policies that increase formation, retention, and relocation of businesses and nonprofit organizations in our community, including creating the commercial space needed to house them.
  • We support the development and maintenance of an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs, startups and existing enterprises in all phases of their business lifecycle.

II. Improve Business Climate and Regulatory Environment

  • We advocate for policies that make it easier to build, renovate, and redevelop commercial property.
  • We advocate for plentiful, accessible, parking in the downtown.
  • We advocate for a fair tax and fee system that does not negatively target nor disadvantage specific sectors or industries.

III. Build and Maintain Infrastructure

  • We support accessible, reliable, and affordable utilities including water, energy, high speed internet, and telephone service.
  • We advocate for improved multi-modal transit and transportation infrastructure to ease commuting and reduce congestion.
  • We support creating and maintaining community amenities that support a quality of life that attracts and retains talent and employers including well-planned parks, sidewalks and greenways.