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About Carrboro Business Alliance

The Carrboro Business Alliance (CBA), founded in 2014 on the shared belief that "local matters," is now more than 100 local businesses collaborating to help Carrboro thrive. The CBA is governed by an active Leadership Council and two committees, and all members are Carrboro-serving enterprises. 

Our Mission

Connect members with information, customers, and other enterprises
Represent the local business interests with policymakers
Promote members and the Carrboro community


Leadership Council

Chair: David Jessee, J&J Futures, photographer, and local commercial property owner (106 S. Greensboro Street)

Vice Chair: Rae Mosher, Carrburritos Taqueria

Marketing Committee Chair: Bridget Pemberton-Smith, Art Therapy Institute

Scott Conary, Open Eye Cafe and Carrboro Coffee Roasters

Martina Brooks, Atma Hotel Group (Hampton Inn & Suites)

Miles Fitch, Fitch Lumber Co.

Barbara Jessie-Black, CommunityWorx

Debra Markley, Piedmont Health

Dan Mayer, The ArtsCenter

Jason McCarter, Craftboro Brewing Depot

Nathan Mills, Mills Rentals

Nathan Milian, Carr Mill Mall

Josh Moorhead, Weaver Street Market

Sheila Neal, Neal's Deli

Chrystina Elle Passanisi, Sofia's Boutique

Bill Soeters, The UPS Store in Carrboro Plaza

Ex-Officio non-voting member: Jon Hartman-Brown, Economic Development Director, Town of Carrboro

*Staff support: Katie Loovis, The Chamber For a Greater Chapel Hill-Carrboro

Marketing Committee

  1. Committee Chair: Bridget Pemberton-Smith, Art Therapy Institute
  2. Libbie Hough, Orange County Public Library
  3. David Jessee, J&J Futures (Property owner: 106 S. Greensboro St.)
  4. Barbara Jessie-Black, CommunityWorx
  5. Debra Markley, Piedmont Health
  6. Dan Mayer, The ArtsCenter
  7. Josh Moorhead, Weaver Street Market
  8. Wendy Smith, Sofia's Boutique
  9. Jon Hartman-Brown, Town of Carrboro

→ Learn about our programs and events.

Policy Committee 

  1. Scott Conary, Open Eye Cafe and Carrboro Coffee Roasters
  2. Betsey Elbogen, Perch Coworking
  3. Miles Fitch, Fitch Lumber Co.
  4. Libbie Hough, Orange County Public Library
  5. David Jessee, J&J Futures (Property owner: 106 S. Greensboro St.)
  6. Nathan Milian, Carr Mill Mall
  7. Nathan Mills, Mills Rentals
  8. Rae Mosher, Carrburritos Taqueria
  9. Sheila Neal, Neal's Deli
  10. Bridget Pemberton-Smith, Art Therapy Institute
  11. Jon Hartman-Brown, Town of Carrboro

→ Learn about our policy priorities

CBA Founding Funders

Significant funding and in-kind support throughout 2018-2019 allowed the CBA to build a strong foundation, accelerate performance, and reach the next level. This important progress was made possible by early investors and partners, known as CBA Founding Champions and CBA Founding Investors.