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COVID-19 Briefings and Seminars

Get help making sense of the latest COVID-19 information. Register now for an upcoming video conference call or drop-in for Chamber CEO Aaron Nelson's weekly office hours every Wednesday from 9-10am via zoom.

Upcoming Seminars

Minority Business Leaders Call

Every Monday from 3:00-4:30 pm, join The Chamber and EmPOWERment for this meeting supporting minority entrepreneurship and business success.

Previous Briefings

7/10/20: EMAIL: Make Sure Your Google Listing is Up-To-Date

7/09/20: EMAIL: New Rules for Restaurants + PPP Still Available + EIDL Back Open + We're Here for You

6/24/20: VIDEO: 2020 Regional Economic Development Forum presented by Research Triangle Foundation

6/17/20: VIDEO: Update from Carolina Athletics

6/10/20: VIDEO: Getting Testing with Mako Medical

6/03/20: VIDEO: Space Planning when reopening with Cat French

5/29/20: VIDEO: What to do when an employee tests positive for COVID-19

5/27/20: VIDEO: How to get PPE with The Chamber

5/22/20: EMAIL: UNC Returns + New Governor's Order + New County Orders + Reopening Guide + PPP

5/20/20: VIDEO: Safe Operation, Regulations, and Health Inspections

5/20/20: VIDEO: 10 Minutes with Aaron and Infintech on Contactless Pay Systems

5/14/20: VIDEO: Business Briefing on PPP Spending Information

5/08/20: EMAIL: New Local Guide to Safely Reopening and Operating in the Time of Covid

5/07/20: EMAIL: Moving to Phase One - Recovery Begins Now

5/01/20: VIDEO: How to Market Your Business

4/13/20: EMAIL: CBA Update (5 things) 

4/09/20: VIDEO: Webinar on tax and employment law

4/06/20: EMAIL: Take-aways from the "All Business Briefing" on 4/3/20

4/03/20: VIDEO: "All Business Briefing" on new SBA loans and Grants

4/01/20: EMAIL: Chamber President's Updates (Invitation and Making Sense of the $350B)

3/27/20: VIDEO: Conversation on the Stay at Home Order

3/26/20: EMAIL: Update: NC Stay at Home Order

3/26/20: VIDEO: All Carrboro Business Briefing

3/25/20: VIDEO: Economic Outlook Forum (summary and takeaways)

3/23/20: EMAIL: CBA Update: 5 important items

3/23/20: EMAIL: Chamber President’s Update

3/20/20: VIDEO: "All Business Briefing" featuring SBA Representative

3/17/20: EMAIL: CBA Update (Summary from 3/17/20 CBA Leadership Council Meeting)

3/16/20: EMAIL: Chamber Update: Program Changes

3/12/20: EMAIL: CBA Update: COVID-19 and Low-Interest Loans

3/11/20: EMAIL: 7 things local businesses should do right now

3/06/20: EMAIL: This is more than washing your hands