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Explore South Africa With The Chamber!


Embark on the ultimate South African adventure! Explore Johannesburg's culture, see the Big Five, and visit Nelson Mandela's residence. Start your journey now!

The trip is nine days and you’ll experience South Africa from every angle – Begin your journey in Johannesburg, the economic hub, exploring Soweto's rich culture and apartheid history. Experience a thrilling safari in Pilanesberg Park, encountering the renowned Big Five and diverse wildlife. Capture the beauty of Africa in a 4x4, then venture to Cape Winelands for vineyard exploration and Stellenbosch's charm. Explore Cape Town and Table Mountain, among the world's most beautiful cities. Conclude with the majestic Victoria Falls, a Seven Wonder, and unwind amidst incredible views on a Zambezi River sunset cruise.

Chapel Hill 2024 South Africa Flyer 1-11-2024