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COVID-19 Resources & Updates Supporting Our Community

This hub will be updated with new and relevant resources as they become available. If you have information that you would like to share with The Chamber's business community regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), please email us.

Briefings & Seminars

Calls are free and available to both members and non-members. Our goal is to Connect you with the information and resources you need to successfully navigate leading your business during this unprecedented time.

Reopening Playbook

A guide to provide businesses with the best known guidance to ensure consumer confidence and promote community health in the age of COVID-19.

Support Local

Now more than ever, local businesses need our support. Every time we make a purchase at a local business, we support local jobs and help preserve the local character of our community. In fact, 67 cents of every dollar we spend at a local business stays in our community.

When we spend it here, we keep it here.

Small Business Funding

There are federal loan and grant programs available to help your business during this crisis. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources along with state and local emergency capital funds.

Executive Orders & Regional Information

Keep track of stay at home orders from multiple jurisdictions, and stay updated on regional business supports.

Employment, Staffing, & Human Resources

We know that you want to take care of your employees during this crisis. Get answers to common COVID-19 employment related questions here.