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  • Photo credit: Nicholas C. JohnsonGet Involved with the Chamber and our Community

    There are multiple ways to get involved with the Chamber and with our Chapel Hill-Carrboro community. We love seeing you at Face Time, but there are many other ways to get involved!

    Volunteer at a Chamber Event

    Our staff relies on special event volunteers to run registration at the Chamber's Annual Meeting, serve as line judges at the Community Bocce Derby and monitor the hole-in-one competition at the Performance Golf Classic. If you're interested in spending the day - or several days throughout the year - volunteering at a Chamber event, contact Chela Tu, program manager, at CTu@carolinachamber.org or (919) 357-9990

    Become a Chamber Ambassador

    Ambassadors are volunteers who build relationships with our Chamber’s newest members, facilitate networking among members, and encourage meaningful participation and involvement in Chamber programs. Ambassadors attend monthly meetings, accept new member assignments at each meeting, conduct introductory new member interviews in-person or over the phone, and maintain monthly contact – via email or phone - with their assignments for one year. Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Click here to download an application or contact Justin Simmons, vice president and chief of staff, at jsimmons@carolinachamber.org or (919) 357-9982 to volunteer as an Ambassador.

    Serve on a Local Non-Profit Board

    Triangle Board Connect is a convenient, no-cost way to match non-profit board needs with potential board members interested in board or committee service.

    Get Involved in Advocacy

    Every day, the Chamber advocates for your business interests, but we can’t do it alone.  We need YOU to get involved.  Here are the top five ways to get involved in advocacy at the Chamber. 


    Read “Government Matters” 

    Government Matters” is a monthly e-publication of the Chamber’s and is an easy way to stay informed.  If you have feedback on content or format, definitely let us know! 


    Serve on the Economic Development and Public Policy Committee

    This committee made up of Chamber members meets at the Chamber on the first Thursday of the month at 8 AM (See our online calendar).  Let us know if you would like to be included in email reminders.


    Volunteer to Speak at Town Council (or Board of Alderman or County Commissioners)

    If you can't make our monthly Economic Development and Public Policy Committee meetings but still want to speak up on behalf of our local business community to the Chapel Hill Town Council, Carrboro Board of Aldermen, or Orange County Commissioners, we'll get you in the loop! Kristen Smith, vice president for advocacy and engagement, will let you know when opportunities arise. Contact Kristen at ksmith@carolinachamber.org or (919) 357-9988 and tell her you'd like to volunteer to speak at Town Council.

    Contact your Locally-Elected Official

    The Chamber is advocating on your behalf, but it’s great when elected officials can hear directly from the Chamber’s member (See our Advocacy Resources page for some tips).  Check out our Local Government page or let us know if you’d like help finding out how to contact a mayor, an alderman, a council person, a county commissioner, a General Assembly member, or a member of Congress!


    Contact Local Media

    Care about a local issue? Think something should be changed to make our community more business friendly? Write a letter to the editor or record a commentary. 


    Serve on a Town or County Board  

    The Chamber wants to increase business representation on municipal and county boards.  Check out these links for open positions: 



    The Chamber does participate in local elections by hosting forums and interviewing candidates, but the most effective way to have your voice heard is to exercise your right to vote.