• Policy & Advocacy

  • Together, Chamber members and staff advocate for the business interests of our community.

    Values: There are four values that guide our public policy platform and action agenda. We believe: 

    1. Diversity builds a more resilient economy. We oppose discrimination in all forms.
    2. The progressive reputation of our community is an asset and part of our competitive advantage.
    3. Our individual communities benefit from the success of each other and the region.
    4. Cooperation and collaboration between and among business, government, academia, and residents is civics at its best

    ​Platform: There are four pillars that inform our public policy platform. We are determined to: 

    1. Retain, recruit, and grow employers.
    2. Develop a talented workforce 
    3. Improve business climate and regulatory environment
    4. Build and maintain infrastructure

    We invite you to learn more about our public policy platformadvocacy resources, and election updates, and challenge you to get involved.

    ...Together, we are building a more sustainable community where business thrives.