• About: "Connect"

  • Our Chamber is committed to "connect" members with the people and resources their businesses needs to thrive. To deliver on this goal, we offer members three ways to engage: 

    1. Search the Member Directory to find a contact and/or allow Chamber staff to make an introduction for you, 
    2. Attend a member event, or 
    3. Attend a Chamber event and learn more about Chamber programming.

    Chamber programming is offered in a variety of formats, locations, and topics to fit every member's interests and availability:

    • Formats: From morning policy forums, lunch discussions, and after-hours networking to half-day celebratory events and multi-day learning programs.
    • Locations: From close to home to across the country and around the world.
    • Topics: Covering a variety of interest areas, including monthly/quarterly working groups for young professionals, women in business, retailers and small businesses, and nonprofit executives.  

    Questions: Learn more about each Chamber event, program, series, and working group through the Chamber's Programming Guide, review and register for upcoming events by date through the Chamber Calendar, and for additional questions, contact Chamber Events Coordinator, Vanessa Watson, at (919) 967-7075.