• Public Policy Agenda

  • Grounded in four values, guided by four pillars, our policy agenda will differentiate our region and improve our competitive advantage.

    Agenda: We are relentless in our pursuit of the following:

    1. Repeal Chapel Hill Fire Department inspection fees.
    2. Adopt a form based code in downtown Chapel Hill. 
    3. Secure Orange County’s Jordan Lake water allocation. 
    4. Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Orange County, Chatham County adopt a budget with no tax increase (FY18).
    5. Five business leaders to join and serve on local planning boards/commission.
    6. Install new parking pay stations in Downtown Chapel Hill. 
    7. Roll back downtown parking enforcement to 6:00 p.m.
    8. Adopt both a Triangle regional state legislative agenda and a Triangle regional federal legislative agenda.
    9. Maintain or increase the portion of the Chapel Hill and Carrboro occupancy taxes that support marketing and visitor services at the Orange County Visitors Bureau.
    10. Adopt public behavior related ordinance in Carrboro that would better address solicitation, pan handling, etc
    11. Measurably reduce backlog and time to get a permit from Town of Chapel Hill.
    12. Identify and communicate requested development and communications improvements to OWASA.
    13. Permit an additional 50,000 square feet of commercial development in Blue Hill District.
    14. Present a set of recommendations and requests to the Carrboro Board of Aldermen regarding parking.
    15. Identify what would be required to double revenue from commercial sources in each community by 2022. 

    ...Download the 2018 Public Policy Guide and Agenda.