• Public Policy Agenda

  • Photo credit: Kristen Smith - Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of CommerceThrough its advocacy, the Chamber supports decision making at local, state, and federal levels that protects and strengthens a diverse community with a cluster-based economic development strategy.

    Retain, Recruit, & Grow Employers

    • Support policies and projects to create local jobs, including opportunities for low-and middle-skilled employees

    •  Support policies and projects that develop the local workforce

    •  Increase the relocation of businesses to our community

    •  Increase the formation of entrepreneurial businesses in our community

    •  Position our region as one of the greatest places to grow and start enterprises

    Improve Regulatory Environment & Business Climate

    • Support policies and projects that make it easier to build, redevelop, and/or conduct business by streamlining and simplifying ordinances and requirements

    • Expand and broaden approved land uses

    • Improve access to parking for downtown businesses

    • Decrease the property tax burden on Orange County property owners

    • Increase the exportation of Orange County products and services

    Build and Maintain Infrastructure

    • Ensure economic development zones have appropriate infrastructure

    • Secure Orange County’s Jordan Lake water allocation to ensure a reliable long-term supply

    • Improve transit and transportation infrastructure to ease commuting and reduce congestion

    • Expand availability of workforce housing

    Increase Participation & Influence by and of the Business Community

    • Develop a policy regarding the Chamber’s participation in local elections

    • Increase business community representation on town and county committees